How to record a Google Meet meeting

Record a Google Meet meeting with these simple steps.

Recording Google Meet is really easy! Follow these steps to record your Google Meet meeting.

First, check if you have access to record in Google Meet. This blog post shows you how to check if you can record:


If you’re unable to record with your current g-suite plan, you can download Scribbl’s free chrome extension to record video. To get the extension, go here:

After you have the extension, follow these steps:

1. Start a Google Meet meeting

First, start a meeting to get started:

start a meeting

2. Click on the record video button

Click on record video in your Scribbl toolbar:

click on record video

3. Continue as usual

Now that your meeting is being recorded, you can carry on as usual. Your recording will end up in Google Drive under a folder named “Scribbl Transcriptions”.

When you’re ready to leave the meeting (or the meeting ends), your recording will be saved automatically. There’s no need to take any further action.